• Computer-aided Design
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Finishing
  • Semi-custom Cabinets
  • Quality Cabinet Hardware
  • Custom Hoods for Kitchen

Computer-aided design!

We use computer-aided design software (CAD) on all of our custom projects.  Our designer will work with you to design the style and layout for your project and will also advise on how the design and color will complement the existing decor.

Quality craftsmanship!

We carefully select the material and hardware that we use for each project with our goal of high-quality craftsmanship and design always in mind.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we promise to remain with the job until it is fully completed.  We back this up with a full guarantee on our craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used to complete the job.

Fully customized cabinets!

We can design and build cabinets to fit the size and style that you looking for, from kitchen cabinets to wall units to entertainment centers and more.

Our cabinets are most commonly built with a 3/4" solid wood face frame that is firmly glued and screwed together to create a rigid frame that attaches to the cabinet box.  Our cabinets are made with 3/4" thick plywood side panels and 1/2" thick plywood back panel.  The panels are securely screwed on to form a rigid box.  The rigidity of the box is important to ensure proper alignment as the cabinets age.  We also use soft-close, fully adjustable hinges.

A wide variety of colors!

We do our best to help you select a color that best complements the style and the exisiting colors in your room.  We use high-quality stain and finishes.  Our moisture resistant lacquers provide a long lasting, durable finish.  After you select a color we'll provide a final color sample for review prior to our finishing the cabinets.  We offer a wide variety of stains, solid colors, and glazing and can also match existing colors.

Semi-custom cabinets!

We offer both imported and domestic semi-customized cabinets.  The imported cabinets are made of solid wood and plywood and are priced much more competively than domestic cabinets.  The trade-off is that the design options are more limited than with our fully custom cabinets.  But we find that the semi-custom cabinets have been very popular and are a great option if you're on a limited budget and aren't looking for fully customized cabinets.

Quality cabinet hardware!

We offer a wide variety of hardware to match the style of your decor.  We use soft-close, fully adjustable hinges to ensure constant alignment of doors.  Our full extension drawer tracks allows for easy and full access to your cabinet drawers.  We also offer a great selection of cabinet pulls.

Custom Hoods

We offer our own line of custom built wooden hoods.  We can work with you to meet your special design requirements.


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